A Little Heat Never Hurt Anyone

Week 5

While I am a business and marketing major with 20 years of experience working in the field, my true passion is cooking.  Combining work with play has led to the start of this Blog and hopefully a business opportunity down the road.   Today’s post is about an article I read in Cooking Light magazine this weekend.  I am always inspired by their recipes for several reasons to include; wonderful dishes that weigh in at less than 300 calories, their heart healthy approach to gourmet cooking and the use of herbs and spices that never leave me feeling deprived.   I am sharing one of the recipes in this months issue along with my own twist.

Chicken and Summer Vegetable Tostadas

2 tsp      Canola Oil

I tsp           Cumin

1/4 tsp      Kosher Salt

1/4 tsp      Black Pepper

12 Oz        Chicken breast tenders

1 Cup        Chopped red onion (1 mid sized onion)

1 Cup        Fresh corn kernals (about 2 ears)

1 Cup        Chopped zucchini

1/2 Cup     Salsa (I like Jack’s special)

3 TBSP      Choppen fresh cilantro – divided

4 (8-inch)  Fat free flour tortillas

Cooking Spray

3 Oz   Montery Jack Cheese shredded (about 3/4 cup)


1)  Preheat Broiler

2) Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat.  Add oil to pan; swirl to coat.  Combine cumin, salt, and pepper in a bowl.  Sprinkle spice mixture evenly over chicken.  Add chicken to pan; saute 3 minutes.  Add onion, corn and zucchini to pan; saute 2 minutes or until chicken is done.  Stir in salsa and 2 tablespoons cilantro.  Cook 2 minutes or until liquid almost evaporates, stirring frequently.

3) Working with 2 tortillas at a time, arrange tortillas on a baking sheet; lightly coat with cooking spray .  Broil 3 minutes or until lightly browned, turning after 1 1/2 minutes.  Spoon about 3/4 cup chicken mixture on each tortilla; sprinkle each serving with about 3 tablespoons cheese.  Broil 2 minutes or until cheese melts.  Repeat procedure with remaining tortillas, chicken mixture and cheese.  Sprinkle each serving with about 3/4 teaspoon of cilantro.

Lesa’s Take:

Now, I like a little more spice depth to my dishes, so the stand alone cumin in this recipe doesn’t give me enough of the warm glow that I would expect from Mexican cuisine.  In addition or substitution, I would use chilli powder and/or a tex-mex rub consisting of cumin, garlic, paprika, white pepper, thyme and onion.  A little diced fresh jalapeno would kick this dish up to what I refer to as “Bam Pow”.  Remember, when you season meats, it is just like love…no one enjoys a one-sided relationship (in other words, spice both sides).  As an added flavor boost, grill the chicken AND the corn to give it that beautiful smokey, blackened taste.  Serve with homemade margaritas on a deck, add a few friends and you have a dinner party.  Enjoy!






Chicken and Summer Vegetable Tostadas (2013, April). Cooking Light, All-Time Top-Rated Recipes, p. 22.


Variety is the Spice of Life

Week 4 Post:

Are you tired of boring meals?  Sick of cooking food that is flat in flavor and you don’t know how to utilize spice to make it fantastic?  We are here to save the day.  As master spice mixers, we will share our recipes, teach you how to use spice and add variety to your life.

We are all about empowering the inner chef in all of us, with simple, yet delicious ideas that will leave everyone saying “that was amazing!”  If you are ready to command the kitchen, we are here to help.